Am I A Shitty Christian?

Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve always sort of felt like one. At least, there’s an image in my mind of what a Christian looks like that I certainly don’t live up to.

I swear unashamedly, if my title didn’t already give that away. I think creationism is crap. I’m staunchly pro-LGBT. I don’t really believe that all of the Bible is concrete fact. I don’t know if I believe in hell. I have an actual sex drive and don’t mind expressing it. Worst of all, I barely read the Bible, and I only pray when I need something.

Some of that is stereotyping. Nowhere in the Bible does it say you have to be a creationist. There are plenty of Christians who are pro-LGBT. But some of the other stuff…well, I can’t help feeling kinda bad about it. I definitely want Jesus in my life–there is an undeniable hunger there. I do love him, I guess. And when I don’t, at least I want to love him. My faith is important to me, and I’ve written about it more than a few times on this blog.

I guess the real question is, then, what does it mean to be a good Christian? Does such a person exist? Works can’t get us in to heaven, and we’re all equally in need of saving grace.

That’s all I know right now.


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