Dear Misfits

This is for all the outcasts, losers, loners, misfits, weirdos, dorks, and underdogs out there.

People don’t seem to understand you. The world moves on around you, going at a pace you just can’t keep up with. There is a path you’re supposed to follow, but it never feels right under your feet. Somewhere out there, you know, is a trail meant just for you. It seems that you’ll never find it. All around you are critics. They don’t like the way you dress, the way you act, the way you communicate. You’ve tried so hard to fit in so maybe the torment and awkwardness will end, but it’s always felt a little off. You still feel like an outsider, and there’s no real way to describe it. You’re just different. 

But you know what? One day, being different will be your greatest pride. You won’t ever want to fit in anymore. You’ll find friends who accept you not in spite of your weirdness, but because of it. Odd and abnormal will be compliments. Just hold on. Don’t let people make you feel inferior. Difference and uniqueness are needed to change the world–who ever did anything by being like everyone else? You have the gift of being an outcast, and you’ll prove everyone that that’s not such a bad thing.

Keep on being the circular piece in a square puzzle. Keep on being you. 

With love,
-A happy misfit


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