We Are Not Lost

There has been so much horror happening around us recently. Spirits are sinking. In the midst of all this turmoil, I want to remind you all of this:

A hundred years ago, women couldn’t even vote. Now we have two running for president. Slavery and segregation have ended. Same-sex marriage is finally legal. Additionally, think of the life-saving vaccines that have been invented, virtually eradicating diseases that used to kill so many. We have sent people to space. We have vast stores of information that we can access right at our fingertips. We no longer have to wait days for a letter in the mail from a loved one when we have texting, email, social media, Skype, and FaceTime. Individuals with mental illnesses now have various options for treatment, instead of being exorcised or locked up in inhumane asylums. We have developed effective methods of birth control. And we’ve gained a lot of things we use for personal convenience–computers, air conditioning, television, light bulbs, etc.

In the billions of years this earth has been in existence, and in the millions since our early human ancestors evolved, one century is just a microscopic blip in the grand scheme of things–and look how much we’ve accomplished. Personally, I think that’s pretty freaking awesome.

The advancements I’ve mentioned are focused on the USA and other Western nations, but I believe we can spread these good things all the way around the world, and I believe we can continue to improve the First World as well. There’s so much messed up; I’m not denying that or undermining the many issues we have today. And I’m not trying to get into a hyper-patriotic, self-absorbed, “it’s all about America” mindset. I’m just pointing out how far we’ve come as a society. If we can do all that, surely we can do more.

As an aside, I have to mention something to older folks–please have faith in youth and Millennials. Don’t say that the world is going to go to shit because of us. Believe me, we are our own generation of revolutionaries, visionaries, activists, politicians, scientists, artists, etc. It’s easy to throw all of us under the bus because of the actions of a few, but try to look at the big picture and see all of us. We want you to believe in us. Please, please dare to believe.

Humanity may be broken, but it’s so beautiful at its core.

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