We Are More Than Statistics

My school district offered us a survey on technology. The last question was a free response, asking us how we thought technology could help education. Feeling bitter about the educational system in general, I angrily wrote the following:

I think that creating a better school atmosphere is far more crucial to the radicalization of American schooling than emerging technologies are. It’s all fine and dandy to have shiny new gadgets, but if students are exhausted, stressed, and feeling hopeless about their futures, none of that will matter. Let’s face it: schools care about grades than us as individuals. They care about scores, GPAs, and percentage points more than they care about us as people. I cannot help but wonder if this technology survey is no more than a ploy to boost our performance rather than our actual love of learning or, more importantly, our self-esteem and satisfaction in life. Talk on and on about tablets and digital readers, but never ignore the fact that we’re all exhausted–fighting sleep in the middle of class, having emotional breakdowns over meaningless test scores, and feeling completely directionless in life. Never ignore the fact that this nation has millions of students who have their own unique stories, personalities, and demons. We are more than statistics. We are human beings with dreams.

But I wonder if you will even bother to read this.


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