Who I Hate

I hate a lot of things in life–intolerance, bullying, willful ignorance, closed-mindedness, and cruelty, to name just a few. I burn with anger for humanity or groups of people, but it’s difficult for me to truly hate a single human being.

Why? I’m known for being the nice girl. Sensitivity and gentleness are at the core of my personality, and I believe that everyone has some scrap of good in them, no matter how minuscule. I also consider myself trusting and merciful. One sincere apology is, more often than not, enough to gain my full forgiveness. I do not like or admire everybody; I dislike qualities people may have, or I may even have cool feelings for them in general, but it’s hard for me to fully hate. 

So, when someone has earned my full hatred, they must have done something very grave. Most often, this involves hurting my loved ones, and not something like one, flippantly unkind word; I mean that I will hate the person who causes a loved one to cry themselves to sleep. I will hate the person who brings a friend to ruin, the person who shatters the heart of a family member. I will hate anybody who attempts to destroy my most cherished relational bonds. And once I hate somebody with my whole heart, everything they do starts to embitter me. Even their smile makes me want to spit.  It’s hard to go back. Apologies will seem hollow, and will only make me more cynical. I feel always on the edge of snapping around that dreaded person. My gentleness is sucked away. I’ll care less about hurt feelings.

Additionally, I despise those who inflict harm upon children, animals, the sick, or the elderly. There is no kindness in my heart for people who can commit such despicable crimes. My gentle spirit will fall asleep as I allow anger to grow inside me like an unmovable weed. When I hate, I hate intensely. There is no lukewarm hatred; the correct term for that is simple dislike. My loathing is deep and emotionally overwhelming, to be completely truthful.

Be almost certain that I do not hate you. Most people are tolerable or even likable. However, if you dare harm an innocent, if you destroy my loved ones, if you attempt to sever the bonds I cherish–beware.







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