Before you read: do you enjoy taking personality quizzes? Consider taking one I created. Which of my fantasy land regions do you most resemble?

About two years ago, I started crafting the world of Ordisia. It was wonderful. I had histories; foods; climates; class, religious, and educational systems; wildlife, and even an alphabet, which I have since relearned and begun writing journal entries in.

When I created Ordisia, I was creating myself. All of it is just a mirror of my own soul. I found the different sides and outlooks I have, and I put them into a fantasy land. The region of Thrive didn’t necessarily represent me (though even I have a cruel side), but it was the demons and past bullies I ran from. Orbin was my ideal self, who I wanted to be deep down, who I was at my best. Interestingly enough, it was in the center of the land of Ordisia, probably because that ideal of who I wanted to be was most central to me. Oist represented what I was experiencing with clinical depression. Heben was my wounded, vulnerable, fearful side. I was desperate for love, but also afraid of it, because I felt inferior. I obsessed over my past and constantly searched for this perfect “healing” that would wipe away my insecurities. Armis represented my loyal and protective side. I was guarded and suspicious, always on the lookout for things that might hurt me. I wanted to rebel against conformity and injustice. Deep inside, there was a spark for revolution.

I am Ordisia. Ordisia is me.


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