Why Books Are Better Than Boyfriends

Before I discovered the world of books, I was desperate for a boyfriend. Half my thoughts were about dancing in the moonlight with Prince Charming. One beautiful novel brought me out of that, and I got hooked on reading. Although I can’t say I completely forgot about romance, my mind definitely find some peace in books. Here are some of the reasons why books are better than boyfriends!

  1. Books will always be there. Whether it be noon or midnight, books will be there to keep you company. You can’t wake up a book with a phone call and make it mad!
  2. Books will never willingly cheat on you. Unless someone else steals your book against its will, it will be unconditionally committed to you.
  3. Books always have something interesting to say. No awkward silences. If you need someone to talk to, you can find plenty of words right on those pages.
  4. Books can’t interrupt you. They listen patiently. Go ahead and talk to your book – who cares if someone sees you? Inanimate objects are great listeners.
  5. But you can interrupt your book. It won’t be offended if you abruptly decide to close it and go do something else.
  6. No social media or texting jitters. He hasn’t texted you back in forever. He didn’t like your photos or tag you in that post. With books, you won’t have to deal with those (often irrational) fears.
  7. Books don’t hog space. Boyfriends take up too much room on the bed or sofa, but books will always let you have the best spot.
  8. You can eat all the pizza. Your book won’t mind if you eat in front of it. More food for you, less money to shell out.
  9. You can skip the “meeting relatives” awkwardness. No Thanksgiving small talk. Also, if your weird great-aunt doesn’t approve of what you’re reading, you can always safely tuck it away. Last time I checked, you can’t fit a boyfriend in your pocket.
  10. No holidays or anniversaries to remember. And no money spent!
  11. Books are allowed almost anywhere. If you’re ever feeling weird at a party or outing, you can always run away with your book friend. You can’t spontaneously invite a boyfriend to someone else’s party, but books are rarely rejected.
  12. Books are more than just friends. You must remember that most books have characters. It isn’t just your boyfriend. Your book can be your platonic friend, parent, teacher…anything.
  13. Books don’t need breath mints. It doesn’t ever forget to wear deodorant, either – but you, however, don’t even have to shower before that nice literary date.
  14. You can have a book at any age. If you’re in middle school, and your parents don’t want you dating – don’t worry! Books are available for anyone.

A book…a boyfriend…a book. There’s just no contest here, honestly. Need I say more?


One thought on “Why Books Are Better Than Boyfriends

  1. Gosh you said that right out of my mind! I would much rather choose a book than a boyfriend but then again, thats my asocial-ness talking lol. I honestly think books are my best friends. They will never leave you and you learn something new all the time.
    i think when you see the POV’s of other characters it’s something surreal like your there with them every step of the way.

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