Pain and Perspective

In the moment, horrible times in life seem daunting, overwhelming, or even pointless. We don’t understand why these things are happening to us. A good percentage of the time, we ourselves have done nothing to precipitate the events. We don’t deserve the hardship.

Once the pain has ended, however, we start seeing the point. Our past experiences shape who we are, what we love, and what we believe in. Because I was bullied for years, I do everything I can to accept people as they are. Because I’ve been hopeless, I try to be a beacon of hope and be to others what I needed at my worst. I love inspiring other people more than I would have if I hadn’t gone through horrible things. I wouldn’t be passionate without my stories of hardship.

It’s difficult to understand all this in the moment of suffering. When we’re hurting, we see pixels. They’re scattered, grainy, colorless, nonsensical. But when things get better, and our perspective widens, we see that those pixels are actually tiny pieces of an amazing portrait. They were small and grainy because we were so close. In the moment, that’s all we could see. Now we can see that those colorless pictures make up a part of our life painting in a beautiful way.

Remember – darkness and shading can make paintings come to life. Your struggles will bring your soul to life again and change how you think. The suffering will wash over you. I promise.

One thought on “Pain and Perspective

  1. thank you for this, i feel the same way. I was bullied as a teen and things were rough but i got by and your right things get so rough when we’re bullied but now that i think about it, i feel like it did me good. I know it sounds weird but i feel like its made me a better person. there are times when i feel I’m still that little girl that wanted to friends and instead i was bullied. i just know I’m not ever going to treat people the way people treated me.

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