What I Wish Colleges Saw

To colleges, I probably don’t look very promising. I’m not the greatest test taker. I get anxious under pressure and I prefer to take lots of time to do things. I enjoy relaxed and slow work environments, and tests just don’t work like that. I’m also not the most fantastic student. Math and science are difficult for me to grasp. Thus, my grades aren’t straight A’s. They’re not horrible, but they certainly aren’t stellar.

What colleges can’t see is how I live. They can’t see me striving to live a life free of judgement. They can’t see me encouraging people when they make negative statements about themselves, or letting others borrow things from me, or making myself available to people if they need to talk. They can’t see me handing out lollipops with inspiring messages on them or holding up motivational signs on street corners. They don’t understand the immense adversity I’ve endured. They can’t hear the witty statements I make. They won’t read about the imaginary society I’ve created, or the alphabet I’ve invented. They’ll never see that acceptance and goodness, for me, are not traits – they are part of the way I live and think. Try telling me that these things are less important than grades and scores. I won’t believe you.

Colleges will look first at these grades and scores, though, and not who I am as a human being or what I value. How can I express that even though I’m not the finest student, I try to be a wonderful global citizen? For me, that’s far more important than a few numbers on a page, and I only wish colleges could see that first.

One thought on “What I Wish Colleges Saw

  1. i understand how you feel to the tee. Honestly, i’ve been through the same thing and in fact my last year in high school i was at a struggling to find out who i was. It’s hard to determine exactly what you want to do with your life in your adolescence ( I feel like its a load of bull tbh). In my final year, i was struggling with my grades and I wasn’t good in math or chemistry or even biology. Yet i still tried to work hard. I felt like if i wasn’t good in those subjects i would fail myself and my family. I felt like a complete failure. truth be told, those subjects don’t matter in the real world. To colleges and universities we are just grades, we are just numbers that tell us whether are failures or people who can succeed.
    Education in itself is useless. there is something seriously wrong with the system but sadly, thats how society works. We need to get good grades to get into university so that we can get into post-grad and then land a job. society respects people with degrees and not the ones without degrees.
    the world can’t work with people with good moral judgments or other traits. I’m telling you this from prospective. I’m a university student and i’ve learned throughout my years in high school to now that grades don’t make the person, it’s hard work, motivation and a bit of luck. whatever it is you want to do, don’t be discouraged by your grades. I know for sure that if you really want something then your hard work will get you there. Good luck 🙂

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