A Sprinkle of Variety

Around March, my life starts getting boring. Stale. As someone who really needs a little variety to feel alive, that kind of thing needs to be addressed. It’s only late January, but that stale feeling is starting to set in.

It’s really not a bad thing. Actually, it feels sort of nice. When the staleness sets in, I get those variety cravings – and they feel like a sort of buzz. That buzz is the motivation to go do interesting things. And once I’ve done some interesting things, I feel amazing. If I don’t do any interesting things, I just keep feeling uninspired.

What do I mean by interesting and inspiring things? Well, anything different, really. Usually it has to do with appearance. Last March, I dyed my hair. I’m hoping to dye my hair again in the next week or so (it’ll be a lot louder than last year). Maybe I’ll learn how to do makeup, because I’m severely lacking in that area. I’ll work with my too-light, archless eyebrows. I could buy some clothes that go with my new hair color. And in terms of non-appearance, well, I could start kickstarting my school kindness outreach efforts again. You know, think of new ways to spread hope. Maybe I’ll work out more. It’s like New Year’s all over again!

Another great way to describe this time of year is the Bucket List Age. I start making bucket lists to make life more interesting! I’ll go over last year’s to see if I’ve missed anything. 🙂


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