Wet Rag

I discuss my strong emotions fairly frequently, but I rarely mention what comes after them. Recently, I’ve coined the term “wet rag.”

After overwhelming emotions, I enter into a state of numb peace. Nothing can make me feel upset, even things that would normally elicit a strong reaction. I feel a bit glazed-over and shaky. Laughter can still come, though – in fact, wet rag is actually not an entirely unpleasant thing. It’s the recharge period in between strong waves of feeling.

The only problem with being wet-ragged (please read that “ragd” and not “ragg-ed”) is that all the emotional reactions I would have felt all come back at the same time. That’s post-wet rag. So, while wet rag can be the calm after the storm, it can also be the eye of the storm. It depends on how much hyperemotional stimuli I am exposed to during wet rag.

Overall, though, I’m thankful for wet rag. It’s a healing period, or at least a relief, necessary for proper emotional recovery.


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