Dark Things I Write Here

The majority of what I write on my blog is about my feelings, my past, my opinions, and my thoughts. It’s my personal corner of the internet where I love to express who I am inside. The only issue with this is that when I want to write something that isn’t about me, it will be associated with me anyway.

I’m mostly referencing my stories and creative pursuits. I’m a dark writer. My stories don’t have fluffy endings. Life isn’t fluffy, so we must familiarize ourselves with the depths and be not afraid of horror. Darkness is also, in general, more creatively stimulating than light, or at least in a different way. I can be in a perfectly wonderful state of mind and still longing to write about pain. I can love my life endlessly and still write about death. It’s just my style. If I were to write a dark story or blog entry, however, my readers would be concerned for my well-being. I wouldn’t blame them at all; if I read something deep and dark on someone else’s personal blog, I would worry. When I do write dark things, I always put a little disclaimer at the top to let people know that it’s not about me or my life, but even those are rare. Maybe I really am uncomfortable writing those things here. My reader audience is wide and varied, and they include people from all different times in my life, and I’m not sure I want to share that kind of thing with everyone.

I guess I’ll keep the dark stuff for the low points in short stories waiting to be written. It could be motivation to start a story, after all.



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