Fantastical Mind

In eighth grade, I sat in a crowded cafeteria during a free period of-sorts. We were all overflow students who hadn’t gone to a classroom like we were supposed to. The principal walked around, breathing into a microphone, rambling on about how we needed to be quiet. She recognized my face as a regular in the cafeteria.

“I’ve seen you at least a dozen times here. Do you want to be bored staring at a wall for a whole class period?” I looked at the principal with calm, straight-faced curiosity.

“It’s never boring in a buzzing imagination.” My statement came out sounding disrespectful, but I didn’t mean it to be. Nevertheless, I had to sign the detention list (somehow, I never ended up having to go – I’m known for slipping under the radar).

In regards to this little tale, not much has changed. I spend my free period wandering about my school or hiding in remote bathrooms. My mind never bores me. It is a universe all of its own, surpassing reality in sheer size. Behind a blank expression lie lands of towering mountains, epic sword fights in the heart of distant worlds, and emotions varied and colorful beyond description. It’s such a fantastical little world within my three-pound brain, and the only thing it cannot imagine is a state of pure dullness. An hour staring at a wall doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Providing I’m physically safe and comfortable, I wouldn’t mind doing nothing. I love doing nothing. The world within flourishes most when the world without sits quietly in vacant serenity.


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