God and the Free Mind

It’s really difficult for me to grasp the notion of surrendering my mind to God. I pride myself on being mentally liberated. My thoughtfulness and imagination create who I am. Giving my mind away to a higher power – the existence of whom I frequently doubt – would be like giving away a part of myself.

But, in reality, I don’t think God wants to take control of our minds, per se. He gave us beautiful and unique thought processes, and it wouldn’t make sense to override his own creation in order to create robots. God wants to renew the parts of our minds that have become dead and calm our mental distress. The Lord will give the waters of inspiration to the tired, thirsty writer. God will be the hand that pieces together the knife-like shards of our anxious wreckage.

It takes a great amount of trust and humility to allow God into us in that way. We have to accept that we can’t get ourselves together on our own. As an independent and person and casual religious skeptic, I understand that it’s not an easy feat; but it is completely necessary. It’s crucial to trust that God won’t take away our mental freedom. He comes to give, not to steal; to heal and inspire, not alter and beat into conformity. Let God help cultivate the mind he gave you. Free you will remain.


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