Writing and Cognition

The thinking that goes on in my head is actually very difficult to describe – almost ethereal. Trying to explain it feels like trying to grab dust particles in a sun ray. I think it’s an interesting mix of words, pictures, music, and feelings. Come to think of it, my feelings compose a great deal of my cognition. I can feel something without being able to attach words to it. This makes introspection very convenient, but it can also be frustrating; my mind is thick with thoughts, and it can be hard to reason when there’s so much going on. So that leads me to writing.

I’m far more eloquent in writing than in person. If I need to make a point, especially a complex one, I’ll need to write it out. Keeping a diary has also been highly beneficial for me. It gives me the opportunity to think and reason, rather than feel, for a change. Whenever I’m sad, I just bring out my journal. The entries start off very fragmented and distressed, but they become smoother and more objective by the end. Rereading them lets me tangibly see how my thought process becomes more reasonable. The solace I find in journaling is immense.

Sometimes I find that I can get too personal in writing. After all, I’m doing it mostly in privacy. This has actually been a problem at school with personal reflections or other assignments. I get caught up in the writing process and forget that it isn’t my diary, and I end up turning in something that’s way too personal. Writing gives me that boldness. I never would’ve have revealed any of that if I’d been talking about it.

In what form of communication are you most eloquent?


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