What Is Morality?

I frequently encourage those around me to feel free to subscribe to their own, subjective view of morality. I’m generally very interested in the world through people’s individual lenses. But I’ve been thinking a lot about what all that subjective morality could entail.

What if somebody’s view of good includes pointless, flippant murder? Or what if somebody believes it’s moral to commit genocide? Obviously those things are disgusting and atrocious…to us, that is. What makes us right and them wrong? And where does that come from?

Many religious people suggest that the Bible is the basis for morality, but I vehemently disagree with that. We all know that atheists or non-Christians can be wonderfully upstanding people, just as Christians can be some of the scummiest people out there. If religion is clearly not the basis for morality, then what is?

I don’t believe there is one hard, immobile standard to which we all must adhere. There is certainly an amount of subjective belief, I know it, but what do we make of the vast, grey area?


3 thoughts on “What Is Morality?

  1. Well there is no such thing as subjective morality, where we each go about life doing things our way and everybody is good and fine. There is an absolute truth and absolute wrong. Otherwise nothing would stand, but it is hard to tell what that is without a religious view or deep compilation. Christians use the bible as their guide book to morality, it outlines for them what morality is and how to act morally. Don’t look down on them for that. You yourself admitted you don’t know what morality is, at least they have something that tells them. Morality cannot exist without a hard set right and wrong, a black and white. Morality is also a human instinct, certain ‘morals’ come naturally to us. Left unto ourselves we will still see murder as wrong, rape as wrong, cheating as wrong and so on and so forth. That seems to imply then that ‘morality’ is ingrained into us as a reactionary instinct.

    • Good insights and food for thought, thank you! Oh, and I wasn’t trying to look down upon Christians for using the Bible as morality (I am one after all), and I hope it didn’t come across that way. I’m just trying to make sense of things, and that part of Christian morality confused me, that’s all. 🙂

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