They Bully Your Loveliness

They hate your hair. They think you’re a crybaby. They say you’re weird and overemotional. No matter what you do, they find something to criticize.

Chin up, beautiful. What if the things they berate you for are the things that make you who you are?

Everybody said I was overemotional – now, I use all those feelings to be an empathetic person. I’m a better writer because I can channel my writings into passionate words.
I was constantly called weird. It used to plague me, but eventually it became my greatest quality. If I wasn’t weird, I would have no sense of humor. Weirdness makes me unique, and unique is a good thing.
Nobody liked how I looked. My hair was too frizzy and I was a little bit pudgy. But you know? I like my frizzy hair. It makes me look windswept and quirky. I don’t mind having a little extra meat on me. Having a body that didn’t conform to what beauty was supposed to be just increased my appreciation for all bodies. Every human is beautiful.

Don’t let them bully the loveliness out of you. Smile, be who you are, and don’t be ashamed to let it show.





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