Just Go Home

If you vomit at school, you’re sent home. The same goes for fevers, significant injuries, and other illnesses. You’re no longer fit to be in a structured learning environment. Rightfully, you return home to rest. There is little leniency for emotional or mental crises, however. If you happen to have a major panic attack, you’re expected to just “pull yourself together” and get on back to class. If you feel like you genuinely don’t have the energy to get through the day without crying, you have to simply toughen up and roll with it.

I will never understand this. Since when are physical ailments less important than mental? Both can be debilitating. Humans are complex. Pain cannot be compartmentalized. You can hurt in places other than your body. So, you know what? If you feel like your life is crumbling apart and you really feel horrible – and I don’t mean a little blue, I mean genuinely horrible – then go home. Just go home. Watch some Netflix, cry, eat some good food, and take it easy. You need it.

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