Things I’d Love To Have

  • Never have to untangle my headphones ever again
  • Unlimited whole milk yogurt
  • Guaranteed extra four hours of sleep every night, no consequences
  • Bed with a temperature-controlled mattress and softness adjuster
  • Turn all the roads into waterways, so instead of driving, everyone rows around in canoes
  • A little bird that goes everywhere with me and sits on my shoulder, offering me comfort and advice
  • A five-octave vocal range, perfect mastery of the guitar, and songwriting abilities
  • Sink that pours Fanta grape soda
  • A gondola across the entire United States
  • The motivation and drive to become a marathon runner
  • The ability to express my compassion better
  • Extendable eagle wings planted in my upper back; fully functional
  • The ability to wave a magic wand and completely understand a class’s course material for the rest of the year (for use in your hardest classes)
  • Never have any acne ever again
  • Hair that can change color at will
  • All of the shows and movies I want to see are on Netflix
  • Giant 400-foot slide with multiple curves and possible directions
  • Elven crossbow and Orc sword
  • In-home fitness course with synthetic swinging vines, rope canopies in fake trees, below-ground tunnels, and a full-sized lake.

One thought on “Things I’d Love To Have

  1. I love this list. I specifically want never to untangle my headphones again and the sleep. Oh and also the vocal range and mastery of guitar, song writing capabilities. That would be so nice. I pretty much agree and relate to pretty much everything on this list it’s great 🙂

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