January, Personified

For fun, I’m working on personifying the 12 months of the year. There’s no story to be written. It’s more fun to just develop the characters and then let them roam free in your mind. I spent a few hours this afternoon creating January.

A little background: the 12 months are the daughters of Mother Earth and Father Time. Each has been granted one month of the year in which to rule. That’s how we get the weather and the seasons. Our world is the canvas of these 12 young ladies.

Here is January.

Appearance: January is tall, thin, and angular. She prefers to dress modestly and can’t even remember the last time she wore shorts. This is not due to any social expectation or insecurity; she simply favors covering as much skin as possible. She does, however, enjoy wearing some makeup. Most of the time she fills in her brows, puts on mascara, and applies dark lipstick. It is done tastefully, and not in an “emo” or alternative style.

Personality: January is chilly, like her month of the year, and has been described as a bit of a bitch. It’s not like she tries to be–she’s just naturally very blunt. January will not mince words. If something is in need of correcting, she will take it upon herself to criticize and fix it. She could almost be called bossy, although the word does not quite fit, because she is a woman of few words and rarely raises her voice. Her style of leadership is doing everything herself and inadvertently alienating all other members of the group. Aloof and unfriendly, January does not enjoy being in close contact with others. She has difficulty dealing with friendship, intimacy, emotions, and physical touch. This does not bother her, as she has little desire for these things anyway.

Wants: Above all, January wants accuracy. She believes that most of the problems in the world stem from the fact that people are careless and stupid. Common sense is her only savior, and rationality her only god. Because of this, January seems to do everything perfectly and precisely. However, her intense need for sensibility can cause her to be grumpy when faced with hopes and dreams. If you need somebody to blow a hole through your greatest aspiration, go to January.

Likes: It would be easier to describe what January doesn’t like. In general, she’s a very disagreeable person, and is not quick to admit that she “enjoys” things. The closest thing she has to leisure is creating storms and icicles. When she creates weather, she expresses her deeply repressed feelings. When there’s a blizzard, it means that January is in intense turmoil. This is her only way she feels capable of admitting that she even has issues. Never suggest this to her, though. You might get the cold shoulder–literally.

Fears: January is afraid of intimacy. For some reason, she just can’t let anybody in. She doesn’t want to be hurt or destroyed by others, so she puts up so many walls that nobody can even see who she is. Sometimes January is so guarded that she herself doesn’t even know who she is. To avoid her emotions, good or bad,, she throws herself into compulsive perfectionism and analytical thought. One could say that January is always to think herself away from the things that might cause her pain. Her constant thinking is a shield from harm and intimacy.

Lessons she needs to learn: It’s okay to fail and be imperfect. It’s okay to trust others. It’s okay to relax and have a sense of humor. It’s healthy to feel.


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