February, Personified

If you read “January, Personified,” you’ll know the premise of this just-for-fun project I’m doing. I’ve finished the second month of the year. Here she is.

Appearance: February is tall and thin, much like her older sister, January. Unlike January, however, February has a healthier, more flushed complexion. She is also less reticent about showing skin, and often wears strapless dresses–weather permitting. February loves to wear tasteful and traditional makeup. She avoids looking “over the top” and flashy, but her unparalleled grace never fails to turn heads.

Personality: February is very unlike her older sister. She is exceptionally warm and gentle, treating even the most disagreeable people with respect. February is somehow everybody’s benevolent older sister. She’s wise beyond her years and always knows what to say in puzzling situations. If you’re hoarse and voiceless, February will speak for you. If you’re in pain, February will be the one to hold you together. Her gentle enthusiasm and subtle sense of humor are hard to dislike. She radiates joy. Somehow, just being around February warms a heavy spirit. One of her greatest strengths is the ability to find joy in everything. Unpleasant tasks rarely bother February, because she can see meaning in chores.

Wants: February wants a perfect world. She believes that most problems in life stem from the fact that people are insecure and that they don’t love themselves enough. February makes it her mission to uplift others to reach their full potential. She takes people under her wing and carefully nurtures them. Although she is most often slow to anger, February has been known to get very resentful towards those who don’t seem to want to improve. She frequently falls victim to a “mother knows best” attitude, and becomes incensed when people don’t seem to listen to her or improve in the slightest.

Likes: February loves all things good and joyful. Luckily for her, she can smile about almost anything. One of her favorite things to do is sing. She’s phenomenal at it. Her sweet voice, likened to that of a mythological Siren, can draw many to her side. February also loves making other people smile. Her source of life comes from watching others light up. It reassures her that a perfect, peaceful world is not impossible.

Fears: February is terrified of being worthless. The thought of leaving this earth having done nothing, having been nobody, fills her with sadness. To counteract feelings of insignificance, February refuses to let herself engage in so-called “frivolous” activities, like sleeping in and watching TV. She becomes anxious if she’s not out doing something virtuous or having positive interactions with other people. February believes that her emotions place burdens on others, so she flees from her negativity. Despite being a companionable person, she’s surprisingly private. She’ll listen to other people’s feelings for hours, but nobody ever knows what she’s feeling, or what she’s been through. People wonder, but they don’t ask; she does a stellar job at hiding her innermost fears and seeming content all the time.

Lessons she needs to learn: It’s okay to lean on other people. It’s okay to talk about your own feelings. Not everything you do has to be for a greater cause. There’s nothing wrong with “powering down” for a while.


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