March, Personified

Appearance: March dresses simply and casually. Most of the time she sticks with Converse, jeans, and a pullover sweater. Because she doesn’t wear any makeup (besides a bit of mascara from time to time) over her youthful face, she is almost always mistaken for much younger than she is. This doesn’t bother March very much; she cares very little of what others think of her appearance.

Personality: March is a very mellow and unassuming young woman. She demands so little that she’s often forgotten about, which hurts her more than she lets on. March could easily be described as sensitive, but never as emotional. She’s a very kind girl, often taking interest in the well-being of all living things, but she rarely displays any emotion other than quiet compassion. March isn’t even known to smile a lot. When she becomes upset about something, she finds a place to hide and release her tears. The last thing she wants is smothering sympathy and a big, emotional scene. March values her privacy immensely, and is very uncomfortable with close contact with others. She does not like hugs, gifts, or displays of affection. This does not mean she is not a caring person; March simply prefers to initiate fondness on her own terms. Not surprisingly, March connects better with animals than with humans.

Wants: March’s wish is to tread lightly upon the earth. Her true motto is, “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.” Unlike her older sister February, who wants to make a difference, March seeks to refrain from affecting the world around her. If she died poor and unknown, but happy, she would have all that she ever wanted. However, March does desire acknowledgement from her loved ones. She’s frequently overlooked, and this hurts her deeply. March feels like she’s not asking for much, and it’s extremely offensive that nobody will give her the one thing her undemanding soul needs: affirmation. She will never let it show, though; she’s an expert at smiling and saying that she was not bothered in the slightest.

Likes: March is a true lover of nature. Almost all of her time is spent outside, falling in love with beauty itself. Sometimes she takes long walks and doesn’t return for a day or two. The most common thing said of her is, “Where’s March?” Even since childhood, March would sneak out in the middle of the night so she could look at the stars. If she is stuck inside all day, she starts to feel dead inside. Surprisingly contrary to her peaceful nature, March adores the thrill of roller coasters. As a little girl, she would confidently march up to the ride lines and squeeze her way in. March never wanted anybody to go with her. She was independent, through and through.

Fears: March is actually afraid to be afraid. She feels like that once she becomes afraid, everything around her will crumble, and she will lose her grip on life. Being afraid means that she will lose everything she knows. March does not want to be surrounded by ashes or ruins. In order to avoid fear, she denies herself and then puts on a mask of fearlessness. “I’m not afraid,” March tells herself. “I am never afraid.” This is one reason why March is always outside or away from home. She quite literally runs from her fear and pain. March does not fight her demons. She sidesteps them and pretends they aren’t real. Even if she was faced with danger, March would feel the need to put on a calm face in order to deceive herself into feeling “okay.”

Lessons she needs to learn: Problems cannot be denied forever. The first step to feeling better is acknowledging that there’s a problem to begin with. It’s okay to tell other people that they’ve hurt your feelings. There is such a thing as healthy fear.

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