April, Personified

Part four.

Appearance: April loves wearing light, airy, bohemian clothing. She strives to appear on the outside as who she is on the inside–gentle and carefree. TO an outsider, April may look as though she is about to float away on a dream; her eyes are soft and wandering. She’s pursued by men far and wide for her unique beauty, but she’s too busy doing other things to really notice.

Personality: April is a gentle and affectionate girl. If you cry, she will be there for you with tissues. Although uncomfortable with emotions other than her own, April genuinely wants to help other people. Most of the time, April is very inconsistent. She rarely finishes tasks given to her, and when she does, it takes her twice the time needed to complete it. But when it comes to helping friends and family, April will never give in to her capricious nature. In her spare time, April loves being outside, much like her sister March. Unlike March, however, April is a much lighter person. She is more affectionate and expressive, and doesn’t carry the weighty sense of realism that her older sister does. April is a bit shy. She doesn’t like initiating contact, especially with people she does not know. When surrounded by strangers, April will slip away, like a warm breeze through an open door. People won’t notice she’s gone until they look out the window and see her at the edge of a meadow, braiding flowers into her hair. In fact, April could be likened to a flower. She is delicately beautiful. The more you get to know her and water your relationship with her, the more she blooms.

Wants: April seeks beauty and love above all things. She wants to roam the world, drinking in all the wonder that lies before her. Thankfully, April is able to see beauty in almost everything. A broken cup is not trash to her; it is a precious thing meant to be fixed. A simple sunset is captivating. April also needs affection and attention, but she is picky. An acquaintance’s flattery will never do. She needs deep love; she needs to be cherished by the ones she herself cherishes. Without that, she wilts. Unfortunately, she can come across as a bit needy.

Likes: April loves nature, especially flowers. She never goes anywhere without wearing at least one. If she had the dedication and willpower, she would own a garden stretching at least an acre. She also enjoys stories. Sometimes she reads books, and occasionally writes her own poems. However, it’s much more pleasant for her to simply think about things. Her mind wanders too much for her to focus on writing a novel.

Fears: April is afraid that her friends and family will abandon her and leave her loveless. It is not being alone that terrifies her–it is feeling alone. The state of solitude does not bother April; in fact, most of the time she is not even around her loved ones. It is the feeling of being cut off, of having nobody to turn to or come home to, that makes her feel empty. She needs affirmation that her relationships are going to be okay. At her worst, April can become fixated on whether or not people care about her, and if she will end up feeling lost. Her mind can convince her into thinking that things actually are as bad as they seem. Then she flies into a tailspin of “what-ifs” and stretched assumptions. Her emotions will take hold of her.

Lessons she needs to learn: Just because you feel a certain way does not mean that things actually are that way. Sometimes you have to find the tenacity to do tasks you don’t want to do. When doubts start to fill your mind, realize that they’re irrational. Something small that goes wrong does not mean that your worst fears are coming true.


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