I Don’t Want To Die

Every new day is a new opportunity to be killed somehow. Life itself is deadly. Here we are, all of us, living, not knowing how we’re going to die, but knowing that we will. People will always say, “You’re not going to die that way; it’s statistically unlikely.” But there’s always one person, and that one person thought the same thing. Nobody thinks it’s going to happen to them.

It scares me, when there’s death at every turn. I don’t want to die. More specifically, I don’t want my loved ones to hurt if I die. If I were to die without affecting anyone, that would be unfortunate; I really love living, but there’s always heaven. However, I know that I’ll affect people. That’s what breaks me up; knowing that the people who care about me would be crying. I don’t want anyone to cry.

I just don’t want to die, but life is just a conveyor belt towards the sharp teeth of death. All we can do is enjoy the ride there. That’s what counts.


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Die

  1. These were my thoughts while reading this:
    “Wow you’re morbid.”
    “when we die most of the people we care about will already be dead anyway”

  2. This is very well put. I share the same thoughts, except I’m as much concerned about the pain of death as I am about the loved ones I’d be leaving behind. Never be afraid of writing “morbid” posts. Death isn’t a topic to be avoided, it’s reality.

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