May, Personified

Appearance: May is a joyful girl, and it shows.  She wears bright colors or sundresses–or bright-colored sundresses. May is the human embodiment of an exclamation point. She does not always dress eccentrically, like her sister April, but she appears carefree even so.

Personality: May is an absolute joy to be around. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her charm is irresistible, in a completely genuine way. May doesn’t try to be appealing; it just happens. May doesn’t “try” to be anything. She just exists, in a simplicity that some of her more anxious sisters crave. To an outsider, May appears like she’s never been sad in her life. This can be both a strength and a fault. Her optimism and radiance are depended on, but it can be a turn-off. Some people say that May is simply “too happy” to be around at all. May does not even realize the impression she may be giving to others. She’s caught up in herself–completely self-absorbed in the least melancholy way possible. May is truly expressive. When she’s happy–which is most of the time–she feels unexplainable energy running through her. She is prone to overexcitement and can even appear manic with her steady stream of enthusiastic rambling. When she is feeding off the momentum of a pleasant situation, her enthusiasm builds, and she becomes intoxicated with joy.

Wants: May wants to be a child forever. She loves feeling carefree and full of life. Many people have told her that she needs to grow up, but May pays no mind. If she feels like wearing a yellow sundress at a funeral, she’ll wear it. People have even called her uncompassionate because of this. May doesn’t mean it, though. She wants other people to be happy, too. She thrives on the approval of her friends and family.

Likes: May likes all things exciting. If she thinks it will make her feel alive, she’ll jump for it. She feeds off the momentum created by being with her friends and family, and will do outlandish things to keep it going. May enjoys being outside, on playgrounds, or anywhere with friends. While she would do fine at raves and concerts, that isn’t her preferred area of play. May prefers places where she can think clearly; her mind can’t run wild when she can’t even hear her thoughts.

Fears: May is afraid of herself. She does not want to journal, write about her life, think about her past, or pay attention to her inner voice. In her eyes, doing those things would drain the life out of her and make her “just another one of the cardboard people.” By that she means the people who hate their 9-to-5 jobs, complain all the time, and hate waking up in the morning. May doesn’t want to slow down, because she can’t stand the thought of losing her spark. She’d rather die tomorrow than know that the rest of her life will wilt away with age and misery. May annoys people when she refuses to think about anything other than happy fantasy. She doesn’t follow the news and doesn’t even take care of herself. As a child, when she got a cut, she would shrug it off and keep playing. Taking care of herself would mean acknowledging that something was wrong in the first place.

Lessons she needs to learn: Life’s not always good. Sometimes you must sacrifice your desires to benefit someone else. It is healthy and enriching to think deeply about who you were and who you are now. People do not always want to hear about how great things are; many actually find this annoying. You have to grow up eventually.


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