I Am Me

Sometimes I still worry about what other people think of me. When I’m out on the neighborhood swing and I see people crossing the street, I feel a little self-conscious. If my hair doesn’t look great, or if my outfit is complete crap (which, with the effort I put into my attire, it probably is), I want to melt into the wall a little bit. Even the blog posts I publish make me a little insecure sometimes. What if people are unhappy with how many faith-related posts I’ve been writing? What if there are grammar errors in there? I, too, am a human. I worry about these things.

However, if I make a conscious effort, I can feel better. Who cares if people see me on the swing? They have better things to do than gawk at me. So what if I look horrible? Half the people at school are probably too tired to keep their eyes open long enough to judge me; or, more likely, they’re too busy watching the Snapchat stories of people they really don’t care about. And for crying out loud, who cares if people are unhappy with my blog posts? I don’t write to appeal to a crowd–at least, I try not to; it’s easy to get caught up in trying to captivate your audience. I want to write what I think and what I feel. What’s a blog if you lose yourself in the process of cultivating it, anyway?

I am me. I have always been me. I will remain me no matter what other people think.


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