Stop Apologizing

Apologize if…

  1. You wrong somebody. “Will you please forgive me for doing that? I apologize.”
  2. You accidentally bump into someone. “Oh, I’m sorry!”
  3. You ran out of orange juice yesterday and you can’t give any to your friends, even though they really wanted it. “I’m sorry. I ran out of orange juice.” 
  4. You forget something important. “I apologize. It just slipped by me.” 
  5. You’re late. “Sorry I’m late.”

Don’t apologize if…

  1. You’re having a bad hair day. “I’m so sorry. I know I look horrible today.”
  2. You haven’t even done the thing yet (whatever it may be). “Sorry if I mess up.”
  3. You’re just venting to a willing ear. “Sorry I took up all your time with my whining.”
  4. You’re simply existing. “I’m sorry for being here.” 
  5. You’re sarcastic. “Oh, I’m totally sorry. My sincere apologies.”

Chances are you’re apologizing for things that aren’t your fault, or that don’t need to be apologized for. Be yourself. Don’t feel the need to admit guilt to your audience before you sing a song–and don’t apologize for making any mistakes during the song. Never say you’re sorry for breathing or living. Your existence is not a stain to be scrubbed off. It’s a candle flame meant to burn brightly, boldly.



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