Hypothetical Realities

Tomorrow is going to be difficult. I have an extra long period of one of my least favorite classes. Looks like I’ll end up digging deep into my stockpile of daydreams.

Daydreams. Are they really daydreams? I’m not usually making up fantasy worlds, as fun as they are. Mine can be likened more to ruminations. I’m creating realistic hypotheticals that evoke an emotional response within myself. I have filing cabinets in my mind filled with those hypotheticals. I choose the emotional response I want, and I pick its corresponding rumination. Then I just repeat it, over and over, over and over, zooming in and out as I please. My own television, except I create whatever I want. I’m entertained not necessarily by the thought itself, but by the feelings it creates in me. If anything grows stale, I can mold the daydream or pull out another one. Sometimes, if an idea strikes me, I create an entirely new daydream. Those are the best moments. The tantalizing array of emotions that lie within my ruminations make it so much easier to endure the mundane reality.


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