You’re a Mindless Consumer

Everybody who isn’t living in the Dark Ages has seen a YouTube ad, an everybody who doesn’t have the patience and serenity of a monk has been annoyed by one at least once in their lifetime. I’ve become especially fed-up by corporate America and invasions of daily life that I do my best to avoid brands that advertise excessively (for me, the best advertising is no advertising). After the same Always and Charmin ads popped up before my Twenty One Pilots lyric videos for the 33rd time, I decided to find the companies behind those two brands so I could see what other related products I should consider boycotting. What I found was surprising.

Always and Charmin are associated with the same company: Procter and Gamble (P&G). Curious, I investigated other brands owned by them. I was even more surprised when I found that seemingly everything is owned by P&G. If I wanted to boycott Procter and Gamble, I’d have to give up my favorite products that I’m just not willing to give up. I won’t abandon Old Spice (women’s deodorant can suck it). Crest toothpaste is my friend. Puffs. Tampax. Olay. Gillette Venus. Herbal Essences. Pantene. CoverGirl. Even Charmin, despite their hideous bear commercials. I’d have to give up all these things if I were to boycott P&G. I don’t think I hate advertising that much.

I have to accept the fact that my life is not my own–it belongs to Procter and Gamble. Yours does, too. We are all inseparably bound to this corporation, whether we realiza Me it or not. But now you do realize.

You mindless consumer, you.



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