The Human Element

I work as a cashier at a large supermarket. The job, to me, is a whole lot more than menial, automatic tasks. If all I did was scan cucumbers and bag frozen burritos, I’d have quit the day after I started. What I really love about my job is the¬†human¬†element.

I actually care about my customers, because I care about people. I hope the saddest people come through my line so I can say something that might make a difference in their life, even if only for a moment. When they tell me something that’s going on, I tell them I’ll remember. A few weeks ago, one woman told me her son had a brain tumor. I still pray for her son every time I think of him–which is actually quite frequently. Somebody today told me her mother was in the hospital, and she had to go there every day to visit. I’ve been praying for her all day.

If there is any opportunity for me to interact with people, I will do my best to use it to inspire. The world needs a little more humanity. I want to be the change, one frozen burrito at a time.