A Letter To My Conservative Friends

Dear conservative and Republican friends,

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m a liberal. I wasn’t raised that way. I grew up in a relatively traditional and Republican environment, actually, and I held the views in alignment with that environment dear to my heart. Around eighth and ninth grade, I began to come into my own and form opinions based on my own observations, experiences, and reasoning. I really do believe that that’s part of growing up.

But it doesn’t really matter how I grew up or what the past is. What matters is the present, and right now, in this present moment, I’d like to make peace.  In the past, I admit, I’ve become angry with you–well, not you, per se, but the stark contrast in our perspectives. My liberal beliefs form a large part of how I interpret our current political atmosphere, how I come to conclusions about the world, and even how I choose to live my life. In the midst of my own fervor, I’ve forgotten that you most likely feel the same way about your views. It would be unfair for me to claim that I’m more of an activist than you are. You are an activist in your own way, and I admire your passion–yes, even if it directly conflicts with mine.

I’m starting to accept that we will never see eye to eye on many of the things that matter deeply to both of us. And you know what? That’s okay. We’ll never change each other’s minds by arguing, whether in person or online, so let’s just put it all to rest. I hate what politics have done to how we view each other–at least, how I view you, and how I perceive you to view me (my perceptions are admittedly faulty, so please correct me if I’m wrong). I just want to go back to when none of this was an issue. I want to talk about things like nature, art, music, our stories, our hopes, our dreams. These things bring us together on a truly human and universal level.

So please, take this as an olive branch from me. I will not think of you as bigoted, closed-minded, or intolerant. I hope that you won’t think of me as wayward, clueless, or amoral. All I want is peace between us. Hopefully this post will help soothe some of the animosity.

With love,