Thank-You Note

Thank you so much for coming to the party, and for your wonderful gift! I know the party wasn’t a total blast. There were times where I couldn’t keep myself from crying, and there were times where I wanted to throw things. I almost left altogether a few times–my own party, think of that! But you didn’t ditch on me, even when I left you sitting in the corner while I tried to block other guests from leaving. The thought of my guests leaving me to clean up the dishes they left around, leaving me to sit around in an empty house, was terrifying to me. Remember when I ran to the door and wouldn’t let anyone open it? It only made them angry, and they turned around and climbed out a window. I forgot that you were sitting at the dinner table, waiting patiently for me to come back. How rude of me! What’s sad is that you brought the greatest and most thoughtful gift of everyone, and I tossed it carelessly aside as soon as you gave it to me. All I wanted to do is hang on to all the other guests’ gifts. I thought they were wonderful, but boy, was I wrong. The packaging was beautiful, but the gifts were horrible…poison and weapons! Jeez, why would anyone bring that to a party? When I opened their gifts, all I could do was cry over the fact that they were so much better in the packaging. I felt like I’d ruined everything! Meanwhile, your precious gift was somewhere off to the side. I couldn’t even see it.

Almost all the guests left soon after I opened all their gifts. The only person left was you. You even offered to help me clean up the mess they made of my house (you saw the damage they’d done!). After you helped me, everything was spotless again. What would I have done without you? Take this note as an apology and a thank you.  I apologize for being so rude, and I thank you for sticking around and helping me clean up. I’m inviting you to stay. And I know you want to.

Jesus, thank you for never walking out on my life. Thank you for the gift of eternal life with you. Thank you for healing me of all the wounds people have inflicted on me (and of those I inflicted on myself). I can never repay you.