You Deserve Better

Dear Abigail,

You deserve better.

You deserve better than the boys who call you stupid, unloved, a piece of crap; the boys who tell you that the world would be better if you died. You deserve better than the girls who ignore and exclude you at your own birthday party. You deserve better than that hideous, emotionally abusive boyfriend, who belittles you in public and tells you who you can and cannot speak to.

Please do not believe even for a moment that this is the life you are destined to, or that you are meant to be in pain. I wish you could see yourself as I see you now, years later. You’re golden. You always have been golden. It’s difficult for you to see when others have driven you into the dust, covered you in dirt, and reduced your worth to a garden weed; it’s difficult for you to see because you believe them. And so you settle for abuse and mistreatment because you believe it’s the best you’ll ever receive.

It’s not the best you’ll ever receive.

One day you’ll be surrounded with people who cherish you deeply and treat you like they do. One day you’ll look in the mirror and see how brightly you shine. One day it won’t hurt to be loved. You will exchange your chains for wings, soaring above the poor standards you thought were yours forever.

I am still learning to fly as I write this to you. I cannot pretend it is an easy flight, as the ground often sneers at these wings. But, my love, I am still flying–as will you. We never thought we would, did we, Abigail?

We are flying.