The Future of Dauntlessly Cautious

I created this blog when I was thirteen–almost fourteen, I would’ve been sure to specify). Boy, I thought I knew everything. Eighth grade had prepared me well for the world, indeed, and I was ready to share my age-old wisdom with the uneducated masses. Going through some of my old stuff makes me chuckle, because it’s just so…naively wise. It reads like an enthusiastic (and very young) girl just beginning to uncover the complexities of life, love, and hope.

Four years have changed me. Recently, I’ve been wondering if there’s more out there than this. I mean, take the tagline of this blog, for example:

Romantic ramblings of an irrational teenager.

Do any of those words really represent me anymore? I’m certainly not romantic, free-spirited, maudlin, or whatever I meant by putting that adjective there. Starry-eyed contemplation makes me queasy these days. My writing certainly isn’t rambling, either–I take more pride in it than to reduce it to that. I may be irrational at times, too, but I wouldn’t describe myself as such in a blog tagline, for heaven’s sake. The only word that still fits is teenager, but even that makes me feel somehow cramped.

Of course I could just change the tagline. Easy. I’m just wondering if the essence of this blog is becoming too stifling for me. Dauntlessly Cautious feels like home and has always felt like home–and that’s the problem. I don’t want to be at home. I want to be out there in the world rediscovering all the complexities of life I first found back in 2013.

This doesn’t mean I quit writing. Far from it, actually; it means that I’ve finally built up enough creative power to move beyond this blog. Today, my first article was published on The Odyssey. My writing has deadlines, editors, and a greater audience. I get to express my unique viewpoints while still being held accountable to a team of other creators. Long story short, I’m a part of a wider universe that will allow me greater space to develop my writing. This is the big break I needed, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s like a breath of fresh air!

What does this mean for Dauntlessly Cautious? I’m not sure yet. This blog is precious to me, and I plan to keep it intact. All my posts will be here. What’s up in the air is how often I’ll be blogging here, or what the nature of my writing here will be. My creative efforts will be mainly directed towards Odyssey, so I encourage everyone to keep tabs on me there! New posts will be coming out every week (see aforementioned deadlines and editors) or possibly more frequently. As for Dauntlessly Cautious, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. My writing might here become sloppier and more confessional. Maybe it will take a hiatus.

I just wanted to let all my fans, followers, and friends know where I’m going and where to find me. If I don’t post for another few months, or if I post next week, just be aware that the direction of Dauntlessly Cautious has changed. This is such an exciting time!

❤ Abigail

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