Life Update!

Hello, readers–what’s left of you! It’s been ages since I’ve written, so I figured I’d drop by to let everyone know that I’m still alive and kicking. Oh boy, so much has changed…

So, I successfully completed my first semester of college with all A’s and B’s! Taking the course rigor into account, I’d say that’s pretty impressive. My proudest moment was earning a 93 on my final exam essay (this was after my professor said she didn’t give A’s easily).

Academics aside, I’ve really been thriving. A handful of the girls on my floor have become my best friends. How refreshing it is to have close, relatively conflict-free friendships! Although we’ve only known each other for a few short months, living together and hanging out almost all the time has bonded us tightly. It feels so soothing to be in a group of friends who accept me, include me, and inspire me to be my best. I’m never insecure in their company, and I wish I could tell my anxious high school self that better times and better friends are in the future. These incredible young women will be in my wedding party one day.

I’ve been working hard, but playing hard as well. I won’t write anything self-incriminating here, but let’s just say that the wild college experience I dreamed of in middle school has not been disappointing! It’s so much effort to get dressed and ready to party on the weekends, and going out is always more fun when it’s a fairly special occasion, so I wouldn’t describe myself as a party animal at all. Don’t you worry!

I’m still single. The idea of finding a forever lover the first semester of freshman year is a myth. Most of the guys at this age, I’ve found, are enjoying their newfound freedom and don’t want to be tied down. So be it. I’ve enjoyed myself this past semester (which leaves me with no shortage of crazy stories to tell my friends!) but that kind of lifestyle gets old quickly, especially for someone like me who gets attached so easily, so I expect I’ll cool off a little in the coming semester. A little!

I now identify as an agnostic. It wasn’t easy to come to that conclusion, but I realized that I hadn’t really identified with any of the Christian ideology or theology for a long time. In my high school years I went through ins and outs with my faith, but I truly feel like this time around I’m out for good. Trying to believe in the Biblical God I once did would be like a rational adult trying to force him or herself to believe in Santa. I truly can’t do it, and that’s okay. There were numerous factors that put the nail in the coffin for my faith, which I outline in my article here. I feel free to explore, or not explore, spirituality (but not religion, because I can’t handle dogma) to a deeper degree now that I’m not tied down by a religious creed.

I am still writing weekly articles for the Odyssey, so if you’d like to read my current stuff, I suggest following me there! Writing, as expected, remains a big part of my life. How could I ever divorce myself from the beauty of words? Impossible.

That’s about all I can think of currently. I understand that this post hasn’t been well-written, but I don’t feel that pressure to put my best work here anymore. All I’m doing is popping in and letting my readers know about the exciting changes in my life. This crazy little writer is thriving and enjoying her life, folks!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year!

❤ Abigail




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