Pond of Dreams

This world is a selfish, selfish place. We’re all fish in a pond fighting for resources, success, and power. Everyone has an agenda, a main goal in life that they will do anything to achieve. Some people go about achieving this goal in a kind, passive sort of manner, while others are not afraid to trample and kick to get what they want. Still others use kind hearts and generous gifts to manipulate circumstance to their advantage.

My dreams get washed away in this cut-throat pond. I have to constantly be on the move, searching amidst the darkened waters and debris of the past to find pieces of glittering diamond. Maybe one day I’ll be able to piece them all together and achieve. I don’t want to be the only fish without a treasure.

It’s a race, really. I’d prefer to just live in a cave and pick berries for food, but I can’t. So, with my present circumstances, I set my personal bar very high. Unattainably high, to be honest. Setting the bar too low will result in laziness or complacency. Of course, setting it too high results in constant feelings of inadequacy, but you know. It’s a small fee to pay for the price of success in the pond of dreams.