Warning: Real

Part of the reason I blog is to make sense of the whirlwind of feelings and circumstances that make up my life. When I realized that every once in a while, my ramblings would turn out like well-written insights, I pitched a tent in this little corner of the vast Internet and claimed my ground. I’m the queen and empress of my tiny blogging empire. Here, I get to be in control. Nothing and nobody can take that from me.

As such, I must warn you: I’m real, and sometimes being real means being unpredictable. Sometimes I go a week or more without any blogging inspiration. Sometimes I’m a steady stream of happy, blissfully-linked words. Sometimes I’m sassy and opinionated. More often than not, I’m a little ball of apprehensiveness and contradictions. I am a total hypocrite. We all are, to be honest–but how many actually admit that they are? I contradict myself and my own moral values all the time. Be patient. I still have a few years before adulthood–and boy, do I have a lot of learning to do.

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