September, Personified

Part nine! I skipped around, and I accidentally titled this post wrong originally.

Appearance: September chooses to wear fashion from the early 1900s. She looks like a girl brought to life right out of a storybook.She refuses to dress like the rest of her “tasteless generation” as she would put it. September always appears somewhat lost in thought, but in a different sense than her dreamy older sister, April. April’s eyes wander around with wonder, while September appears like she’s staring deeply into something. Her gaze is distant and glazed-over, but fixed.

Personality: September is a wonderer, not a wanderer. She does not like to leave her room (a three-walled library filled with Victorian-era novels) or her front porch with a beautiful mountain view. She turns up her nose at the term “dreamer” or “free spirit.” September has a very intense mind, and she constantly ponders things, even things that seem so simple to others. September is also a snob. She’s impossible to please, and is always internally scoffing at “everyone else.” To others, she seems a bit pompous. In conversation, September is muted, sarcastic, and somewhat humorless. September just doesn’t value laughter and humor like everyone else. Her emotions are usually faint and unobtrusive. She’s almost always even-keel.

Wants: September wants to know “why” all the time.She rolls her eyes at people who take things at face value. For September, it’s untrue until she can find a reason why it should be true. September would like to live in a proper world. She rejects wild and raucous behavior, and hopes that one day everybody will go back to acting ladylike and gentlemanly. Then again, she has a sort of quiet pleasure in looking down on others and feeling like the only sensible girl in the world.

Likes: September enjoys the finer things in life, like old books, aged wine, and flawless cursive. She spends the most of her time reading. September taught herself to read at a young age, and has never abandoned books since. Of course, she will only read books published before 1960, and in hardback. She finds amusement in criticizing everyone and everything that doesn’t align with her opinion of good taste.

Fears: September is afraid of being forced to abandon her classic way of life. The thought of wearing skinny jeans and carrying around a smartphone makes her cringe. She wants everything to be “just so” and can become obsessed with even minor details.Being trashy or tasteless is abhorrent to her, so if she thinks she’s being that way, she will obsess over her mistakes until she returns to her refined way of life. September is afraid of losing her deep thinking and focused mind, instead becoming a vapid party animal. September needs to be ladylike, proper, and meaningful.

Lessons she needs to learn: You aren’t better than everyone else. It’s okay to not understand something. People who are different from you are not worse. Not everything can be the way you want it to be. You will have to learn to be accepting of lifestyles other than your own. Sometimes you’ll have to be content with what you’re given.


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